Based on this patch-set, all the I/O accesses to Hip06/Hip07 LPC
peripherals can
be supported without any changes on the existing ipmi-si driver.

The whole patchset has been tested on Hip07 D05 board both using DTB
and ACPI.

V15 thread here:

Thanks for an update.
Though I answered to previous thread.

Summary: I'm fine with the series as long as maintainers are fine
(Rafael et al.). On personal side I think that the handler approach is
better. Details are in v15 thread.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for your input and continued support. As I mentioned in reply in v15,
the handler support would (or has) faced issues. And Rafael seems fine with
deferring the probe to the LLDD in Patch #7/9

Hi Rafael,

Well, the only sort-of concern is that these devices may not be
"serial bus slaves" in general, so the naming is slightly confusing.

Right, the name.

The key point is that we model the bus the same as other serial buses like I2C or SPI, so require the same treatment from the ACPI scan.

Would you prefer acpi_is_serial_bus_slave() and acpi_device_flags.serial_bus_slave symbols be modified also?

But overall this approach and the one based on a scan handler both
boil down to checking a (list of) device ID(s) and doing something
special in case of a match.



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