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> I have tested these patches on a couple of machines, including the very laptop
> I'm sending them from, without any obvious issues, but please give them a go
> if you can, especially if you have an easy way to reproduce the problem they
> are targeting.  The patches are on top of 4.16-rc3 (if you need a git branch
> with them for easier testing, please let me know).

I am having some troubles with the patch set.
My test server takes anywhere between nominal (about 30 seconds) and 10X nominal
(about 5 minutes) time to boot.
I have booted 5 times:

1. took about 5 minutes to boot. No test data acquired. Kern.log excerpt:
        [    5.760740] Btrfs loaded, crc32c=crc32c-intel
        [    5.779522] random: crng init done
        [  336.185559] EXT4-fs (sda1): mounted filesystem with ordered data 
mode. Opts: (null)
        [  346.823627] Loading iSCSI transport class v2.0-870.

2. took about 5 minutes to boot. Minimal test data acquired. Kern.log excerpt:
        [    8.963959] async_tx: api initialized (async)
        [    9.001124] Btrfs loaded, crc32c=crc32c-intel
        [    9.024652] random: crng init done
        [  332.768025] clocksource: timekeeping watchdog on
                         CPU3: Marking clocksource 'tsc' as unstable because the
                         skew is too large:
        [  332.768128] clocksource: 'hpet' wd_now: 1c082869 wd_last:
                         a5053b0 mask: ffffffff
        [  332.768129] clocksource: 'tsc' cs_now: 11a0d3a34be cs_last:
                         1b534f1252 mask: ffffffffffffffff
        [  332.768129] tsc: Marking TSC unstable due to clocksource watchdog
        [  332.768145] TSC found unstable after boot, most likely due to
                         broken BIOS. Use 'tsc=unstable'.       

        Observe 25.14 average processor package watts. 100% load on CPU 7.
        Test Duration 2.5 hours.
        Reference: K4.16-rc3: Not done yet.
        Reference: K4.15-rc1: 27.34 Watts
        Reference: K4.15-rc1, idle states 0-3 disabled: 23.92 Watts
        Reference: This kernel, idle states 0-3 disabled: ~23.65 Watts

3. crashed during boot. No useful log info.

4. booted kernel 4.16-rc3 stock. Booted normally in about 30 seconds.

5. took about 30 seconds to boot. Minimal test data acquired.
        Observe 24.77 average processor package watts. 100% load on CPU 7.
        Test duration 15 hours. Peak power 32.8 watts.
        There is a graph. I'll send it off-list.

Oh, I see a version 2 of the patch set. I'll move on to version 2.

... Doug

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