On (03/07/18 11:57), Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> >> Originally I planned to wait a few more releases, but the last maintainer
> >> has commented that he will now send a patch for immediate removal,
> >> so 4.17 is almost certain at this point.
> >
> > Would be great to get it removed as soon as possible then. Otherwise we
> > will get broken blackfin build errors from Stephen (or would need to hold
> > off Dave's patch).
> You could also add a patch to your tree that removes the blackfin
> dump_stack() function, or we could ask Stephen and the other
> people operating build bots to stop building blackfin right now
> (they will have to do that anyway once the arch gets removed).

OK. Petr, Stephen, what would be your preference?

> Since lib/dump_stack.c is mandatory then, I would suggest making it
> obj-y and moving it out of lib/ into kernel/printk/.

Totally agree on obj-y. And tend to agree on moving lib/dump_stack to
kernel/printk. lib/dump_stack depends on CONFIG_PRINTK and is partially
in printk.h. So it _mostly_ seems like the right place after all.


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