On 3/7/18 5:18 AM, Igor Stoppa wrote:

On 06/03/18 19:20, J Freyensee wrote:

On 2/28/18 12:06 PM, Igor Stoppa wrote:

   void __init lkdtm_perms_init(void);
   void lkdtm_WRITE_RO(void);
   void lkdtm_WRITE_RO_AFTER_INIT(void);
+void lkdtm_WRITE_RO_PMALLOC(void);
Does this need some sort of #ifdef too?
Not strictly. It's just a function declaration.
As long as it is not used, the linker will not complain.
The #ifdef placed around the use and definition is sufficient, from a
correctness perspective.

But it's a different question if there is any standard in linux about
hiding also the declaration.

I'd prefer hiding it if it's contents are being ifdef'ed out, but I really think it's more of a maintainer preference question.

I am not very fond of #ifdefs, so when I can I try to avoid them.

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