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>> 在 2018-03-07三的 20:35 +0530,PrasannaKumar Muralidharan写道:
>>> Hi James,
>>> Seems Jiaxun is interested in the board and is willing to help.
>>> I have been told that Ingenic is focusing on IoT market and X1000 is
>>> intended for IoT segment. I think that they would be selling several
>>> 100Ks of chip over the coming years. But I feel Ingenic spends time
>>> only on maintaining their Linux port which is usually based on very
>>> old kernel version.
>> Ingenic is going to release their XBrust2 core with it's products such
>> as X2000 a few days later. Witch is a pure MIPS64r5 with MXU2(A
>> superset of MIPS's MSA SIMD instruction set). The newest kernel port of
>> X1000 maintain by Ingenic is based on Linux-4.4 [1]. After communicated
>> with Ingenic, they said they are forcusing on China domestic market.
>> But they're looking for partners to enter foriegn market.
>> [1] https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8MeYts (Well you can download from this
>> Chinese website, ingenic have a gerrit but I don't have access to it.
>> As my experience, it's hard to develop on Chinese-made chips wihout
>> reading Chinese documents.)
> Can you take a diff and upload it somewhere else? Download speed is a
> couple of bytes per second. Can you put the diff in github or similar
> other service?
> I would like to see if the port uses DT.

Technically this was documented here:


Go to §2.1 Download Source Code:

1) Download repo a) $ mkdir b) $ cd c) $ wget
http://git.ingenic.cn:8082/bj/repo d) $ chmod +x repo

However everything seems to be gone (including the gerrit page).


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