I am using a toolchain with a broken/old version of perl which doesn't
include integer.pm and I noticed it triggers occasional build failures
on arch/arm64/crypto/sha512-core.S_shipped. Workarounds are easy, but
if the purpose of the .S_shipped is to avoid the need to have all
dependencies on the build machine then something went wrong?

This was introduced by commit 7918ecef073f ("crypto: arm64/sha2 -
integrate OpenSSL implementations of SHA256/SHA512"). The makefile
rules are not terribly complicated:

quiet_cmd_perlasm = PERLASM $@
      cmd_perlasm = $(PERL) $(<) void $(@)

$(src)/sha512-core.S_shipped: $(src)/sha512-armv8.pl
        $(call cmd,perlasm)

If a decision to rerun the rule is made based on their relative
timestamps but both .S_shipped and sha512-armv8.pl are included in git
then won't the result be essentially random, depending on file checkout

I see random success/failure by just running something like the
following multiple times:
        rm -rf arch/arm64/crypto
        git co -f arch/arm64/crypto
        make -- arch/arm64/crypto/

A reasonable fix might be to simply drop .S_shipped and require a
functional recent version of perl. Then if it fails it will fail


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