On Wed, 2018-03-07 at 14:08 -0800, Steve deRosier wrote:
> To clarify one thing: the reason for this is MLC has actually never
> been supported, nor worked properly. The fact that it kinda worked was
> incidental and the cause of major problems for people due to that not
> being clear. This patch only makes it explicit and avoids people
> mistakenly trying to use UBIFS on MLC flash and risking their data and
> products. To me, that's what's important.
> This is an important patch, even if all it does is keep people from
> loosing data. It also changes the conversation from "I have a
> corrupted UBIFS device, BTW it's on MLC..." to "What can we do to get
> UBIFS to work on MLC".

This is a bug fix.

UBI on MLC never worked. It was a bug that we ever permitted it. This
is now fixed.

Actually making UBI on MLC *work* would be a feature, and wouldn't be
backported to stable. But this one is *absolutely* appropriate for a
stable backport.

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