On 03/07/2018 04:20 PM, a...@linux-foundation.org wrote:
> The mm-of-the-moment snapshot 2018-03-07-16-19 has been uploaded to
>    http://www.ozlabs.org/~akpm/mmotm/
> mmotm-readme.txt says
> README for mm-of-the-moment:
> http://www.ozlabs.org/~akpm/mmotm/
> This is a snapshot of my -mm patch queue.  Uploaded at random hopefully
> more than once a week.

UML on i386 and/or x86_64:

defconfig, CONFIG_MEMCG is not set:

../fs/notify/group.c: In function 'fsnotify_final_destroy_group':
../fs/notify/group.c:41:24: error: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type

From: Shakeel Butt <shake...@google.com>
Subject: fs: fsnotify: account fsnotify metadata to kmemcg


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