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> Similarly to DCDBAS for DELL_SMBIOS_SMM, if DELL_SMBIOS_WMI is enabled,
> DELL_SMBIOS becomes dependent on ACPI_WMI. Update the depends line to
> prevent a configuration where DELL_SMBIOS=y and either backend
> dependency =m. Update the comment accordingly.

> +# The DELL_SMBIOS driver depends on ACPI_WMI and/or DCDBAS if those
> +# backends are selected. The "depends" line prevents a configuration
> +# where DELL_SMBIOS=y while either of those dependencies =m.
>  #
>  config DELL_SMBIOS
>         tristate "Dell SMBIOS driver"
> -       depends on DCDBAS || DCDBAS=n
> +       depends on (DCDBAS || DCDBAS=n) && (ACPI_WMI || ACPI_WMI=n)

A nit: Perhaps separate depends on line for those two?

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