* v2:

1. Address review comments in v1
2. Changed the license to SPDX
3. Changed commit messages for some of the patch having more detail
4. Removed event-based completion and changed transfer completion
   detection logic in interrupt handler
5. Removed dma_threshold and blk_mode_threshold from global structure
6. Improved determine mode logic for QUP v2 transfers
7. Fixed function comments
8. Fixed auto build test WARNING ‘idx' may be used uninitialized
   in this function
9. Renamed tx/rx_buf to tx/rx_cnt

* v1:

The current driver is failing in following test case
1. Handling of failure cases is not working in long run for BAM
   mode. It generates error message “bam-dma-engine 7884000.dma: Cannot
   free busy channel” sometimes.
2. Following I2C transfers are failing
   a. Single transfer with multiple read messages
   b. Single transfer with multiple read/write message with maximum
      allowed length per message (65K) in BAM mode
   c. Single transfer with write greater than 32 bytes in QUP v1 and
      write greater than 64 bytes in QUP v2 for non-DMA mode.
3. No handling is present for Block/FIFO interrupts. Any non-error
   interrupts are being treated as the transfer completion and then
   polling is being done for available/free bytes in FIFO.

To fix all these issues, major code changes are required. This patch
series fixes all the above issues and makes the driver interrupt based
instead of polling based. After these changes, all the mentioned test
cases are working properly.

The code changes have been tested for QUP v1 (IPQ8064) and QUP
v2 (IPQ8074) with sample application written over i2c-dev.

Abhishek Sahu (13):
  i2c: qup: fix copyrights and update to SPDX identifier
  i2c: qup: fixed releasing dma without flush operation completion
  i2c: qup: minor code reorganization for use_dma
  i2c: qup: remove redundant variables for BAM SG count
  i2c: qup: schedule EOT and FLUSH tags at the end of transfer
  i2c: qup: fix the transfer length for BAM RX EOT FLUSH tags
  i2c: qup: proper error handling for i2c error in BAM mode
  i2c: qup: use the complete transfer length to choose DMA mode
  i2c: qup: change completion timeout according to transfer length
  i2c: qup: fix buffer overflow for multiple msg of maximum xfer len
  i2c: qup: send NACK for last read sub transfers
  i2c: qup: reorganization of driver code to remove polling for qup v1
  i2c: qup: reorganization of driver code to remove polling for qup v2

 drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-qup.c | 1507 ++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 1 file changed, 880 insertions(+), 627 deletions(-)

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