On 3/12/18 2:54 AM, Nikolay Borisov wrote:
> On 23.02.2018 13:45, Nikolay Borisov wrote:
>> This flag was added by 6039257378e4 ("direct-io: add flag to allow aio
>> writes beyond i_size") to support XFS. However, with the rework of
>> XFS' DIO's path to use iomap in acdda3aae146 ("xfs: use iomap_dio_rw")
>> it became redundant. So let's remove it.
>> Signed-off-by: Nikolay Borisov <nbori...@suse.com>
> Jens,
> On a second look I think you are the more appropriate person to take
> these patches. SO do you have any objections to merging those via the
> block tree. ( I did CC you but didn't cc linux-block).

Both look fine to me, I can add them for 4.17. Thanks.

Jens Axboe

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