> > >> Fully charged
> > >> battery shows as empty battery with red "x" in Mate desktop. After
> > >> reboot to recent mainline problem goes away. Tooltip says "battery
> > >> waiting to charge".
> > >>
> For the MATE bug see:
> https://github.com/mate-desktop/mate-power-manager/pull/251
> The problem is in the new composite battery system in UPower, it
> "merges" two external batteries into a single one for reporting. That
> battery does not understand "Not Charging" inside the MATE Power
> Manager. The above patch fixes that in MATE.

Ok, so problem is 91eea70e5e5ce12eb1c7cd922e561fab43e201bd.

And now, I see that MATE should be improved.

But what I also see is that kernel is changing its interface in a way
that (while making sense) breaks existing application. And we don't
break existing applications.

[Now... maybe if the fix for the application is available for long
long time and noone is really looking and everyone already has new
application version, maybe ... But pull request for MATE is 9 days
old, and not even merged. So there is no way this is suitable for

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