Nadav Amit <> wrote:

> From: Gil Kupfer <>
> The field is used for two different purposes if batching is
> on or off. If batching is on, the field point to the page which is used
> to communicate with with the hypervisor. If it is off,
> points to the page that is about to be (un)locked.
> Unfortunately, this dual-purpose of the field introduced a bug: when the
> balloon is popped (e.g., when the machine is reset or the balloon driver
> is explicitly removed), the balloon driver frees, unconditionally, the
> page that is held in  As a result, if batching is
> disabled, this leads to double freeing the last page that is sent to the
> hypervisor.

Oleksandr, if you can confirm that it fixes the bug you encountered, it
would be great.

Greg, Arnd, on your free time, please let me know if there is any issue
with the patch, and whether you can incorporate it, preferably in 4.16,
since it is a bug-fix that was encountered by Red-Hat customers.


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