On Thu, Mar 15, 2018 at 10:36:06PM +0530, afzal mohammed wrote:
> Thanks for the patches
> w/ defconfig could reach to prompt via serial console using audio
> jack.
> And just by enabling PWM_SUN4I & FB_SIMPLE, laptop could function
> standalone as well.
> Suggestions (feel free to ignore):
> 1. seems currently only review comment pending is on simple
> framebuffer, perhaps you can proceed removing just that so that a
> basic bootable system can be achieved at the earliest (iiuc, anyway
> drm would be the final solution for display)
> 2. in next revision (if), may be you can put keywords DIY and/or Open
> Hardware (irrespective of whatever exactly that means) Laptop in the
> subject itself, that might bring more interest/eyeballs, especially at
> this time of ME & so on.

Realizing now that your v2 patches & above mail crossed.


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