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On (04/06/18 16:59), Joe Perches wrote:
> > 
> > Can we tweak checkpatch to catch such things?
> Not really, no.
> Adding regex logic for this is tricky at best
> and probably not worth the effort because of
> the various bits of patch contexts aren't
> necessarily visible.

Agreed. I was more thinking about catching "... %p" and saying
that we'd rather prefer either "... %p," or "... %p " or "... %p\n".
Doesn't sound so complex, can probably catch something fishy one day
(or may be not), and more or less is visible to checkpatch. Well,
more or less...

> There are also concatenations like
>       "foo" DEFINE "bar"
> where DEFINE may not be visible in the patch
> context and checkpatch is and likely will
> remain just a limited regex checker.

Right. One example might be XFS

        alert("%s: Bad regular inode %Lu, ptr "PTR_FMT,
                                __func__, ip->i_ino, ip);

where PTR_FMT is

#ifdef DEBUG
# define PTR_FMT "%px"
# define PTR_FMT "%p"


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