On  4.04.2018 20:30, risha...@codeaurora.org wrote:
Hi Stanimir,
We incorporated all your comments except the following:
1. Removing the driver that maintains the SCT (system cache table)
per chipset. As responded earlier the data is expected to change
from chipset to chipset and would clutter the main driver if we
choose using compatible string. We think its good to keep the data
separate from core driver.
2. Changing struct llcc_slice_desc to llcc_desc:
The descriptor is specific to each slice and not the whole llcc.
All the properties such as id and size are specific to each slice
and not whole llcc.

please let me know if you are ok with the approach. Based on that
I can send my next revision of changes.

Yes, please go ahead and send the next version.


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