On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 08:59:30AM +0100, Gustavo Pimentel wrote:
> Hi Lorenzo,
> On 09/04/2018 17:03, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
> > On Mon, Apr 09, 2018 at 10:41:15AM +0100, Gustavo Pimentel wrote:
> >> Adds a callback that defines the maximum number of vectors that can be use
> >> by the Root Complex.
> >>
> >> Since this is a parameter associated to each SoC IP setting, makes sense to
> >> be configurable and easily visible to future modifications.
> >>
> >> The designware IP supports a maximum of 256 vectors.
> > 
> > I think that a DT property instead of a callback would have made more
> > sense - I struggle to see the point in defining a callback to initialize
> > a variable, this can be done in the generic dwc code (and a DT binding).
> The addition of this callback was done in MSI-X patch series before I take 
> over
> the PCIe Designware driver responsibility. However I remember a thread in 
> which
> this subject was discussed (see [1]), maybe this could bring some light about
> the motive why is was done like this. If you don't agree I can do patch after
> this series only focusing on this topic in order to do like to suggested.
> [1] -> https://www.spinics.net/lists/linux-pci/msg61835.html

Lucas has a point - it is fine to handle them as you do in this patch,
it does not make much sense to add a property for something that
strictly depends on the compatible string.


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