Hi Georgi,

Am Freitag, den 30.03.2018, 18:24 +0300 schrieb Georgi Djakov:
> The interconnect core takes requests from consumer drivers for their
> bandwidth needs and configures the hardware to keep the lowest possible
> power profile. I think that the boot constraint patches would be useful
> to make a board run at maximum performance during boot, until all
> consumer drivers are probed and all bandwidth requests are taken into
> account.

Can you please describe how this bootconstraints core integration is
simpler than a "run things at max performance until late kernel init",
which could be triggered by a simple initcall similar to what is done
for clocks and regulators?

To me the bootcontraints stuff looks like a fairly complex solution and
your use-case doesn't even sound like you strictly want to keep a
bootloader configuration, but rather run things at max performance
until you are reasonably sure that you got all the necessary bandwidth


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