> As far as I understand, all this seems correct to me.

Good. Thank you, Joe!

> You want to maintain the core files in drivers/i2c/
> but not any files in any of algos/, busses/, or muxes/.

More specific: I don't want get_maintainer.pl to print me as a
maintainer for these drivers. This gives a wrong impression to users. I
am not actively maintaining these drivers, I am collecting the odd
fixes (and also review some of them as time permits).

> You might also want to specify which of the
> include/linux/i2c-*.h files you actually want to oversee
> as well.  It seems some are driver specific.

I am just now working on that. Most of them can easily be moved to

> But the git entry for the drivers seems maybe a bit of an issue.  Are
> you intending to somehow pick up patches approved by the i2c
> community?

Yes, I will still be doing that. I think I will also be the one doing
most review for those odd fixes nonetheless.

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