Hans de Goede - 19.03.18, 10:50:
> > Martin (or someone else): Could you gibe a status update? I have this
> > issue on my list or regressions, but it's hard to follow as two
> > different issues seem to be discussed. Or is it just one issue? Did the
> > patch/discussion that Bart pointed to help? Is the issue still showing
> > up in rc6?
> Your right there are 2 issues here:
> 2) There seem to be some latency issues in the MU03 version of the
> firmware, triggered by polling SMART data, which causes lvmetad to
> timeout in some cases. Note I'm not involved in that part of this
> thread, but I believe that issue is currently unresolved.

The second issue consists of what Hans described + an occassional hang on boot 
for resume from hibernation to disk.

The second issue is still unfixed as of 4.16 + [PATCH v2] block: Change a 
rcu_read_{lock,unlock}_sched() pair into rcu_read_{lock,unlock}() vom Bart Van 
Asche, which Jens Axboe accepted¹.

[1] https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/10294287/

Currently compiling 4.16.1, but I do not expect a change, as there is nothing 
about blk-mq subsystem in the changelog as far as I saw.

Will update

[Bug 199077] [Possible REGRESSION, 4.16-rc4] Error updating SMART data during 
runtime and boot failures with blk_mq_terminate_expired in backtrace

as well about the current state. The bug report contains a screenshot of one 
of the boot hangs. I had two more on Monday, but did not take the chance to 
make another photo. I will do so next time in case its convenient enough and 
compare whether it reveals anything more than my first photo.


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