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On 2018/4/10 22:15, James Morse wrote:
> Hi Dongjiu Geng,
> On 09/04/18 22:36, Dongjiu Geng wrote:
>> 1. Detect whether KVM can set set guest SError syndrome
>> 2. Support to Set VSESR_EL2 and inject SError by user space.
>> 3. Support live migration to keep SError pending state and VSESR_EL2 value.
>> 4. ACPI 6.1 adds support for NOTIFY_SEI as a GHES notification mechanism, so 
>> support this
>>    notification in software, KVM or kernel ARCH code call handle_guest_sei() 
>> to let ACP driver
>>    to handle this notification.
> Please don't post code during the merge-window, will this apply to v4.17-rc1? 
> We
> can't know until its tagged.
I do not know when it is merge-window. About the apply version, it does not 
have limited.

> This series is doing two separate things, please split it into two series.
OK, thanks!

> But on the ACPI front: I don't see how any OS can support your NOTIFY_SEI when
> firmware is ignoring the normal world's PSTATE.A.
> The latest lobe of that discussion was on the list here:
> https://www.mail-archive.com/linux-kernel@vger.kernel.org/msg1611496.html
I have replied the mail.
I still have some questions that need to clarify with you.
After clarification, we will follow that.
The question is in the reply of this mail 

> As it is, we would need to spot SError being delivered while SError is masked,
> spray nasty messages about firmware being horrifically buggy, then panic(). 
> For
> a corrected error, this looks bad, but its preferable to letting firmware
> silently overwrite the exception registers, causing linux to spin through the
> vectors 'eret' with all exceptions masked.
> I still think its best to wait for firmware that does the right thing.
Let us  discuss that in another mail.
In a summary, I think firmware follow below rule can be OK, right?
1. The exception came from the EL that SError should be routed to(according to 
hcr_EL2.{AMO, TGE}),but PSTATE.A was set, EL3 firmware can't deliver SError;
2. The exception came from the EL that SError should not be routed to(according 
to hcr_EL2.{AMO, TGE}),even though the PSTATE.A was set,EL3 firmware still 
deliver SError

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