>> I am still not happy with this patch.
    >> -  You do not explain at all the dependency on commit 0c195567a8f6 and
    >>    you should because that's fundamental, if that patch is not present
    >>    this revert breaks the kernel as per previous discussions[1].
    >> -  You are sending this patch to all stable kernels that contain the
    >>    commit you are fixing - some that may not contain the commit above
    >>    (that was merged in v4.14), you are breaking those kernels, if not
    >>    explain me why please
    >If there's a dependency on 0c195567a8f6, I totally agree that
    >needs to be cleared up.  I was assuming that turned out to be
That is right. There is no dependency on 0c195567a8f6. We just need
to revert 4a9b0933bdfc.

Sridhar Pitchai

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