On 04/12/2018 09:39 AM, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Keerthy <j-keer...@ti.com> [180412 03:56]:
>> From: Dave Gerlach <d-gerl...@ti.com>
>> Commit 2dc983c565e0 ("gpio/omap: cleanup prepare_for_idle and
>> resume_after_idle") introduces omap2_gpio_prepare_for_idle and
>> omap2_gpio_resume_after_idle to properly configure gpios that are used
>> as wake sources. When entering off mode, omap2_gpio_prepare_for_idle
>> can set a flag indicating off-mode entry is desired, however once this
>> flag is set it is never cleared, so any additional calls to this
>> function, regardless of the mode, have this flag set.
>> This patch restores the pwr_mode flag to 0 in
>> omap2_gpio_resume_after_idle to ensure the flag is not misconfigured
>> during non off-mode operation.
> Seems like this should be applied as a fix, can you please add
> a proper Fixes tag?

Correct. And please send it separate. 
But not sure about fixes (to many changes) - it has to manually checked for the 
kernel version to apply.


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