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> > > And please remember to always include all information regarding
> > > end-user impact when fixing bugs.
> > > 
> > This bug fix is applicable to versions starting from v4.6
> Actually, this is something I broke with my previous patch where I added a
> kref to the mport_dma_req structure. Before this patch, all the error paths
> were doing kfree(req) instead of kref_put(&req->refcount, dma_req_free).
> Now that dma_req_free() is called, it dereferences req->dmach, which is
> initialized late in do_dma_request(), so dma_req_free() could be called
> with a NULL req->dmach in some cases.
> Sorry if I did not make this clear enough in the description.

I added

Fixes: bbd876adb8c72 ("rapidio: use a reference count for struct mport_dma_req")

(correct?) and removed cc:stable.

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