> >> Is there a reason not to take LED fixes if they fix a bug and don't
> >> cause a regression? Sure, we can draw some arbitrary line, maybe
> >> designate some subsystems that are more "important" than others, but
> >> what's the point?
> >
> >There's a tradeoff.
> >
> >You want to fix serious bugs in stable, and you really don't want
> >regressions in stable. And ... stable not having 1000s of patches
> >would be nice, too.
> I don't think we should use a number cap here, but rather look at the
> regression rate: how many patches broke something?
> Since the rate we're seeing now with AUTOSEL is similar to what we were
> seeing before AUTOSEL, what's the problem it's causing?

Regression rate should not be the only criteria.

More patches mean bigger chance customer's patches will have a
conflict with something in -stable, for example.
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