On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 10:53:23PM +0500, ahsan_huss...@mentor.com wrote:
> From: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_huss...@mentor.com>
> Upstream commit 8d008c0c ("hwmon: (ina2xx) Make calibration register
> value fixed"), makes ina2xx_set_shunt() call mutex_lock on an
> un-initialized mutex. Initialize it prior so we don't get a NULL pointer
> dereference error.
> Fixes: 8d008c0c ("hwmon: (ina2xx) Make calibration register value fixed")
> Signed-off-by: Ahsan Hussain <ahsan_huss...@mentor.com>

Hmm ... the patch still does not apply ... having closer look ....

It appears that you don't use the mainline kernel. Commit 8d008c0c
is not upstream. It is in a stable release. Only which one ... ok,
I see it in linux-4.9.y. The offending commit is also in 4.4.y,
4.14.y, and 4.15.y. The fix needs to be pulled from upstream into
those stable releases. I'll send a request to Greg.


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