On 4/16/2018 7:48 PM, Sinan Kaya wrote:
> On 4/16/2018 7:44 PM, Sinan Kaya wrote:
>>> John David AnglinĀ  dave.ang...@bell.net
>>> io.log
>>>   CC      arch/parisc/kernel/asm-offsets.s
>>> In file included from ./arch/parisc/include/asm/io.h:262:0,
>>>                  from ./include/linux/io.h:25,
>>>                  from ./include/linux/irq.h:25,
>>>                  from ./arch/parisc/include/asm/hardirq.h:13,
>>>                  from ./include/linux/hardirq.h:9,
>>>                  from arch/parisc/kernel/asm-offsets.c:34:
>>> ./include/asm-generic/io.h:37:21: error: redefinition of '__raw_readb'
>>>  #define __raw_readb __raw_readb
>>>                      ^
>> This one is easy to fix:
>> https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/latest/source/arch/parisc/include/asm/io.h#L146
>> Remove 146..179.
> I'll try to get a hold of a cross compiler and re-test. The above is a hack.
> I need to do a better job on this.
> Thanks for the help. I'll post V2 when it is ready.

Converting this to asm-generic turned out to be a much bigger task. I placed
compiler barriers instead to existing version and posted as follows:

[PATCH v2 1/2] parisc: define stronger ordering for the default writeX()
[PATCH v2 2/2] parisc: define stronger ordering for the default readX()

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