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Provides interfaces to manage the AP adapters, usage domains
and control domains assigned to a KVM guest.

The guest's SIE state description has a satellite structure called the
Crypto Control Block (CRYCB) containing three bitmask fields
identifying the adapters, queues (domains) and control domains
assigned to the KVM guest:


This function (ap_validate_queue_sharing) only verifies that VM don't share queues.
What about the queues used by a host application?

How can that be verified from this function? I suppose I could put a check in here to verify that the queues are reserved by the vfio_ap device driver, but that would be redundant because an AP queue can not be assigned to a mediated matrix device via its sysfs attributes unless it is reserved by the vfio_ap device driver (see
patches 7, 8 and 9).

I understand that you want to implement  these checks within KVM but this is related to which queue devices are bound to the matrix and which one are not.

See my comments above and below about AP queue assignment to the mediated matrix device. The one verification we can't do when the devices are assigned is whether another guest is using the queue because assignment occurs before the guest using the queue is started in which case we have no access to KVM. It makes no sense to do so at assignment time anyway because it doesn't matter until the guest using
the mediated matrix device is started, so that check is done in KVM.

I think that this should be related somehow to the bounded queue devices and
therefor implemented inside the matrix driver.

As I stated above, when an AP queue is assigned to the mediated matrix device via its sysfs attributes, a check is done to verify that it is bound to the vfio_ap device driver (see patches 7, 8 and 9). If not, then assignment will be rejected; therefore, it will not be possible to configure a CRYCB with AP queues that are
not bound to the device driver.

This patch and te followed patches take care that the queues are bound to the
matrix driver when they are assigned to the matrix using the sysfs entries.

But they do not take care that the queue can not be unbound before you start the guest, and they are not in the path if the admin decide to unbind a queue
at some later time.



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