The first two just get better error messages when we refuse to recover
from an error that the h/w says is recoverable because the error occurred
in a non-recoverable part of the kernel.

The third improves identification of Skylake SKUs that support

Tony Luck (3):
  x86/mce: Improve error message when kernel cannot recover.
  x86/mce: Fix incorrect "Machine check from unknown source" message
  x86/mce: Check for alternate indication of machine check recovery on

 arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mcheck/mce-severity.c |  5 +++++
 arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mcheck/mce.c          | 26 ++++++++++++++++-------
 arch/x86/kernel/quirks.c                  | 11 ++++++++--
 3 files changed, 32 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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