On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 8:40 AM, Songjun Wu <songjun...@linux.intel.com> wrote:
> Previous implementation uses platform-dependent functions
> ltq_w32()/ltq_r32() to access registers. Those functions are not
> available for other SoC which uses the same IP.
> Change to OS provided readl()/writel() and readb()/writeb(), so
> that different SoCs can use the same driver.

This patch consists 2 or even 3 ones:
- whitespace shuffling (indentation fixes, blank lines), I dunno if
it's needed at all
- some new registers / bits
- actual switch to readl() / writel()

Please, split.

> +#define asc_w32_mask(clear, set, reg)  \
> +       ({ typeof(reg) reg_ = (reg);    \
> +       writel((readl(reg_) & ~(clear)) | (set), reg_); })

This would be better as a static inline helper, and name is completely
misleading, it doesn't mask the register bits, it _updates_ them.

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Andy Shevchenko

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