Matthew Wilcox wrote on Thu, Jun 28, 2018:
> The 9p code doesn't take advantage of the IDR's ability to store
> a pointer.  We can actually get rid of the p9_idpool abstraction
> and the multi-dimensional array of requests.
> I haven't tested these patches, so caveat maintainer.

Overall pretty good for something that hadn't even been tested!

I'm done with the comments here, the three other patches I didn't
comment look good to me.

For [PATCH 4/6] 9p: Remove an unnecessary memory barrier, your suggested
wording in the comment is good; I've offered to do it if you aren't
going to but since you're submitting a second version of the other
patchs I suggest you do this one as well.

Thanks for the well-needed cleanup,
Dominique Martinet

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