GNU senorship hit me again, on Phoronix. This is LKML, a usenet mailing list. So lets try again here.

Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, and Andrew Tanenbaum all are pedophilia victims. And oddly enough think they are gods because of this.

On Linux forums, fanboys attack, because they sympathize, with this pantheon.

In source, GNU zealousy and the same means among others

1000 HZ Kernel Patch.
10 ms filter in sched.c
and this is just from a quick look at source.

And Phoronix mails the list and Linus pulls patches from the kernel, without knowing what they were, based on average performance testing. Average performance in a lot of cases, is not important, but rather peak jitter. Gettig peak jitter down, means best performance, or "average performance" will not even be displayed on screen, because of jitter bottlenecks.

And in earlier "ricer" (abuse victim slang?) discussions it is supposedly obvious that turning certain optimizations on is useless. Yet nobody sees "defer pop" being on, as usless, that only contributes jitter.

Obviously this is poor patching, poor understanding, and a poor internet. And LKML still is ascii, when most of the world has moved to better technology. Better technology, with more ID, for less obscure behaviour.

Will Linus scubadiving help?


Tanenbaum writing books with circus on them?


Stallman dancing strange dances?


What is needed is a coherent monotheistic philosophy. That is where civilization comes from, and a good word to all, also abuse victims, that this is not about abuse. Neither communism, nor facism.

I am even trying a zén-concept for maximal desirelessness.

"Hacker"-space was actually already quite monotheistic. And it was never intended to be poor, neither spiritually nor financially.

This is what needs to happen in computing space. Obviously.

A good and moral behaviour pattern, an adhérance to religion that teaches monotheism. Overriding vain egoes, and diciplining it to understand reality, and society at large.

I hope you understand.


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