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> Hello!
> This series does additional cleanup for the RCU flavor consolidation,
> focusing primarily on uses of old API members, for example, so that
> call_rcu_bh() becomes call_rcu().  There are also a few straggling
> internal-to-RCU cleanups.
> 1.    Remove unused rcu_state externs, courtesy of Joel Fernandes.
> 2.    Fix rcu_{node,data} comments about gp_seq_needed, courtesy of
>       Joel Fernandes.
> 3.    Eliminate synchronize_rcu_mult() and its sole caller.
> 4.    Consolidate the RCU update functions invoked by sync.c.
> 5-41. Replace old flavorful RCU API calls with the corresponding
>       vanilla calls.

Hi Paul,

Just a heads up: we might want to spell out warnings in very big letters
for anyone trying to backport code using RCU from post-4.21 kernels
back to older kernels. I fear that newer code will build just fine
on older kernels, but will spectacularly fail in hard-to-debug ways at

Renaming synchronize_rcu() and call_rcu() to something that did not
exist in prior kernels would prevent that. It may not be as pretty



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