On Fri, Nov 30, 2018 at 03:18:58PM +0000, He, Bo wrote:
> Here is the kernel cmdline:

Thank you!

> Kernel command line: androidboot.acpio_idx=0  
> androidboot.bootloader=efiwrapper-02_03-userdebug_kernelflinger-06_03-userdebug
>  androidboot.diskbus=00.0 androidboot.verifiedbootstate=green 
> androidboot.bootreason=power-on androidboot.serialno=R1J56L6006a7bb 
> g_ffs.iSerialNumber=R1J56L6006a7bb no_timer_check noxsaves reboot_panic=p,w 
> i915.hpd_sense_invert=0x7 mem=2G nokaslr nopti ftrace_dump_on_oops 
> trace_buf_size=1024K intel_iommu=off gpt loglevel=4 
> androidboot.hardware=gordon_peak firmware_class.path=/vendor/firmware 
> relative_sleep_states=1 enforcing=0 androidboot.selinux=permissive 
> cpu_init_udelay=10 
> androidboot.android_dt_dir=/sys/bus/platform/devices/ANDR0001:00/properties/android/
>  pstore.backend=ramoops memmap=0x1400000$0x50000000 
> ramoops.mem_address=0x50000000 ramoops.mem_size=0x1400000 
> ramoops.record_size=0x4000 ramoops.console_size=0x1000000 
> ramoops.ftrace_size=0x10000 ramoops.dump_oops=1 vga=current 
> i915.modeset=1 drm.atomic=1 i915.nuclear_pageflip=1 drm.vblankoffdelay=

And no sign of any suppression of RCU CPU stall warnings.  Hmmm...
It does take more than 21 seconds to OOM?  Or do things happen faster
than that?  If they do happen faster than that, then on approach would
be to add something like this to the kernel command line:


This would set the stall timeout to seven seconds.  Note that timeouts
less than three seconds are silently interpreted as three seconds.

                                                        Thanx, Paul

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> > Could you please send me your list of kernel boot parameters?  They 
> > usually appear near the start of your console output.
> Or just: cat /proc/cmdline
> -- Steve

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