* Stephen Boyd <swb...@chromium.org> [691231 23:00]:
> I also notice that device_set_wakeup_capable() has a check to see if the
> device is registered yet and it skips creating sysfs entries for the
> device if it isn't created in sysfs yet. Why? Just so it can be called
> before the device is created? I guess the same logic is handled by
> dpm_sysfs_add() if the device is registered after calling
> device_set_wakeup_*().

Hmm just guessing.. It's maybe because drivers can enable and disable
the wakeup capability at any point for example like driver/net drivers
do based on WOL etc?

> There's two approaches I see:
>       1) Do a similar check for device_set_wakeup_enable() and skip
>       adding the wakeup class until dpm_sysfs_add().
>       2) Find each case where this happens and only call wakeup APIs
>       on the device after the device is added.
> I guess it's better to let devices have wakeup modified on them before
> they're registered with the device core?

I think we should at least initially handle case #1 above as multiple
places otherwise seem to break. Then maybe we could add a warning to
help fix all the #2 cases if needed?



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