On Thu, Oct 10, 2019 at 10:29:47AM -0400, Vineeth Remanan Pillai wrote:
> > I didn't see why we need do this.
> >
> > We only need to have the root level sched entities' vruntime become core
> > wide since we will compare vruntime for them across hyperthreads. For
> > sched entities on sub cfs_rqs, we never(at least, not now) compare their
> > vruntime outside their cfs_rqs.
> >
> The reason we need to do this is because, new tasks that gets created will
> have a vruntime based on the new min_vruntime and old tasks will have it
> based on the old min_vruntime

I think this is expected behaviour.

> and it can cause starvation based on how
> you set the min_vruntime.

Care to elaborate the starvation problem?

> With this new patch, we normalize the whole
> tree so that new tasks and old tasks compare with the same min_vruntime.

Again, what's the point of normalizing sched entities' vruntime in
sub-cfs_rqs? Their vruntime comparisons only happen inside their own
cfs_rq, we don't do cross CPU vruntime comparison for them.

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