Hi Adam,

>>>> As nice as it would be to update firmware faster, that patch broke
>>>> at least two different boards, an OMAP4+WL1285 based Motorola Droid
>>>> 4, as reported by Sebasian Reichel and the Logic PD i.MX6Q +
>>>> WL1837MOD.
>>>> This reverts commit a2e02f38eff84f199c8e32359eb213f81f270047.
>>>> Signed-off-by: Adam Ford <aford...@gmail.com>
>>> patch has been applied to bluetooth-next tree.
>> Any change this can get pushed upstream to stable?  (including 5.4?)
> Marcel,  I have confirmed this revert also fixes a regression on my
> omap36xx based device using a wl1283 Bluetooth.  At this point, I
> believe we've identified at least 3 devices with regressions that this
> revert fixes.

as soon as we have done our pull request and this is in Linus’ tree, feel free 
to suggest it for -stable tree inclusion.



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