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>>>>>> [..]
>>>>>>>> So, you are right that there is a mismatch here, but I think the
>>>>>>>> comprehensive fix is to allow early sections to be partially
>>>>>>>> depopulated/repopulated rather than have section_activate() and
>>>>>>>> section_deacticate() special case early sections. The special casing
>>>>>>>> is problematic in retrospect as section_deactivate() can't be
>>>>>>>> maintained without understand special rules in section_activate().
>>>>>>> Hmm... This means we need to adjust pfn_valid() too, which always 
>>>>>>> return true
>>>>>>> for early sections.
>>>>>> Right, rather than carry workarounds in 3 locations, and the bug that
>>>>>> has resulted from then getting out of sync, just teach early section
>>>>>> mapping to allow for the subsection populate/depopulate.
>>>>> I prefer the easy fix first - IOW what we Here here. Especially, 
>>>>> pfn_to_online_page() will need changes as well.
>>>> Agree, yes, let's do the simple fix first for 5.8 and the special-case
>>>> elimination work later.
>>> Dan,
>>> A quick test shows this is not a simple task.
>> Thanks for taking a look...
>>> First, early sections don't set subsection bitmap, which is necessary for 
>>> the
>>> hot-add/remove.
>>> To properly set subsection bitmap, we need to know how many subsections in
>>> early section. While current code doesn't has a alignment requirement for
>>> last early section. We mark the whole last early section as present.
>> I was thinking that the subsection map does not need to be accurate on
>> initial setup, it only needs to be accurate after the first removal.
>> However, that would result in new special casing that somewhat defeats
>> the purpose. The hardest part is potentially breaking up a PMD mapping
>> of the page array into a series of PTE mappings without disturbing
>> in-flight pfn_to_page() users.
>>> I don't find a way to enable this.
>> While I don't like that this bug crept into the mismatched special
>> casing of early sections, I'm now coming around to the same opinion.
>> I.e. that making the memmap for early sections permanent is a simpler
>> mechanism to maintain.
> I think so ...

Yes, and I think having to replace quite some pfn_valid_within() - nops
- by pfn_valid() just to handle one corner case might not be worth it.
At least for now.


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