On 30.06.20 10:17, David Hildenbrand wrote:
> "physmem" in the memblock allocator is somewhat weird: it's not actually
> used for allocation, it's simply information collected during boot, which
> describes the unmodified physical memory map at boot time, without any
> standby/hotplugged memory. It's only used on s390x and is currently the
> only reason s390x keeps using CONFIG_ARCH_KEEP_MEMBLOCK.
> Physmem isn't numa aware and current users don't specify any flags. Let's
> hide it from the user, exposing only for_each_physmem(), and simplify. The
> interface for physmem is now really minimalistic:
> - memblock_physmem_add() to add ranges
> - for_each_physmem() / __next_physmem_range() to walk physmem ranges
> Don't place it into an __init section and don't discard it without
> CONFIG_ARCH_KEEP_MEMBLOCK. As we're reusing __next_mem_range(), remove
> the __meminit notifier to avoid section mismatch warnings once
> CONFIG_ARCH_KEEP_MEMBLOCK is no longer used with
> We can stop setting CONFIG_HAVE_MEMBLOCK_PHYS_MAP for s390x next.

(how I hate to spot typos just after I send stuff :) )



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