Good morning Jon, et al.,

Would someone be kind enough to update scripts/kernel-doc to elegantly
handle complex bitmap expressions in structures please?  Presently
only simple syntax is handled.  Something like:

struct foo {
       u8 arg : 10;

However, the bitmap is sometimes derived from some pre-processed
define or calculated.  Similar to the following examples.

Example 1:

  File: drivers/misc/vmw_balloon.c

  struct vmballoon_batch_entry {
          u64 status : 5;
          u64 reserved : PAGE_SHIFT - 5;
          u64 pfn : 52;
  } __packed;

Example 2:

  File: include/math-emu/single.h
  union _FP_UNION_S
    float flt;
    struct {
      unsigned sign : 1;
      unsigned exp  : _FP_EXPBITS_S;
      unsigned frac : _FP_FRACBITS_S - (_FP_IMPLBIT_S != 0);
      unsigned frac : _FP_FRACBITS_S - (_FP_IMPLBIT_S != 0);
      unsigned exp  : _FP_EXPBITS_S;
      unsigned sign : 1;
    } bits __attribute__((packed));

The first example causes this warning:

 drivers/misc/vmw_balloon.c:262: warning: Function parameter or member '5' not 
described in 'vmballoon_batch_entry'

The second doesn't use kerneldoc, but is an example of a complex, but
totally possible/legitimate use-case.

Would it be feasible to make to make the regex which handles bitmaps
greedy up until the ';'?  Or perhaps someone can come up with
something more refined that would solve the problem.

Lee Jones [李琼斯]
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