Ok, I've been slacking on the -stable front for a bit here, and didn't
realize how far behind I've gotten.  Everyone has been sending patches
in, which is great, but now we are facing a HUGE 114 patch release.

As there's no real way that everyone can review all of these patches,
I've decided to split them up into 6 different categories, and will be
sending patches out in these categories for review.  If people can just
glance over the ones in the areas they care about, I would really
appreciate it.

The 6 categories are:
        - core kernel changes
        - arch specific changes
        - networking changes
        - network driver changes
        - non-network driver changes
        - filesystems

Consider this a warning that your inbox is going to be filled up soon,
so everyone can prepare those filters :)


greg k-h
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