On 4/19/21 10:01 AM, Maciej W. Rozycki wrote:
> On Mon, 19 Apr 2021, Khalid Aziz wrote:
>> On 4/18/21 2:21 PM, Ondrej Zary wrote:
>>> Found the 3000763 document here:
>>> https://doc.lagout.org/science/0_Computer Science/0_Computer 
>>> History/old-hardware/buslogic/3000763_PCI_EISA_Wide_SCSI_Tech_Ref_Dec94.pdf
>>> There's also 3002593 there:
>>> https://doc.lagout.org/science/0_Computer Science/0_Computer 
>>> History/old-hardware/buslogic/
>> Thanks!!!
>  Ondrej: Thanks a lot indeed!  These documents seem to have the essential 
> interface details all covered, except for Fast-20 SCSI adapters, which I 
> guess are a minor modification from the software's point of view.
>  Khalid: I have skimmed over these documents and I infer 24-bit addressing 
> can be verified with any MultiMaster adapter, including ones that do have 
> 32-bit addressing implemented, by using the legacy Initialize Mailbox HBA 
> command.  That could be used to stop Christoph's recent changes for older 
> adapter support removal and replace them with proper fixes for whatever 
> has become broken.  Is that something you'd be willing as the driver's 
> maintainer to look into, or shall I?

Hi Maciej,

Do you mean use OpCode 01 (INITIALIZE MAILBOX) to set a 24-bit address
for mailbox in place of OpCode 81? Verifying the change would be a
challenge. Do you have an old adapter to test it with? If you do, go
ahead and make the changes. I will be happy to review. I have only a
BT-757 adapter.


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