On 4/20/21 5:41 PM, Kuniyuki Iwashima wrote:
> The SO_REUSEPORT option allows sockets to listen on the same port and to
> accept connections evenly. However, there is a defect in the current
> implementation [1]. When a SYN packet is received, the connection is tied
> to a listening socket. Accordingly, when the listener is closed, in-flight
> requests during the three-way handshake and child sockets in the accept
> queue are dropped even if other listeners on the same port could accept
> such connections.
> This situation can happen when various server management tools restart
> server (such as nginx) processes. For instance, when we change nginx
> configurations and restart it, it spins up new workers that respect the new
> configuration and closes all listeners on the old workers, resulting in the
> in-flight ACK of 3WHS is responded by RST.
> The SO_REUSEPORT option is excellent to improve scalability.

This was before the SYN processing was made lockless.

I really wonder if we still need SO_REUSEPORT for TCP ?

Eventually a new accept() system call where different threads
can express how they want to choose the children sockets would
be less invasive.

Instead of having many listeners, have one listener and eventually multiple
accept queues to improve scalability of accept() phase.

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