On Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 04:43:03PM +0530, satya priya wrote:

> Subject: arm64: dts: qcom: sc7280: Include PMIC DT files for sc7280

Please make sure to distinguish between the SoC (sc7280) and the
board (sc7280-idp), this patch primarily adds stuff to the board not
the SoC, this should be clear from the subject.

> Include pm7325, pm8350c, pmk8350 and pmr735a DT files.

How about something like 'The sc7280-idp has four PMICs, include their
.dtsi files'?

> Add channel nodes for pmk8350_vadc.

It's not super important, but I don't like it when things like this get
sneaked in with a commit message saying 'Include PMIC DT files for
sc7280'. I would suggest a separate patch. And please mention that
the channels are for the on die temperatures of the PMICs.

> Also, add the thermal_zones node in dtsi.

This is not the right patch to add it. This patch is about the sc7280-board
and doesn't do anything (directly) with thermal zones. However other
patches further down in the stack of in this series require the
'thermal-zones' to exist, hence the node should exist before these patches
reference it. A dedicated patch adding the node seems like the best option
to me.

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