"Li, Zhijian" <lizhij...@cn.fujitsu.com> writes:

> Copied to nvdimm list
> Thanks
> Zhijian
> on 2022/1/6 14:12, Li Zhijian wrote:
>> Add Dan to the party :)
>> May i know whether there is any existing APIs to check whether
>> a va/page backs to a nvdimm/pmem ?

I don't know of one.  You could try walk_system_ram_range looking for
IORES_DESC_PERSISTENT_MEMORY, but that's not very efficient.

>>> You need to get Dan to check this out, but I'm pretty sure this should
>>> be more like this:
>>> if (is_zone_device_page(page) && page->pgmap->type ==

You forgot MEMORY_DEVICE_GENERIC.  However, this doesn't guarantee the
memory belongs to persistent memory, only that it is direct access

Dan, any ideas?


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