On Mon,  9 Oct 2023 16:18:59 +0200 Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> The last localtalk driver is gone now, and ppp support was never fully
> merged, so clean up the appletalk code by removing the obvious dead
> code paths.
> Notably, this removes one of the two callers of the old .ndo_do_ioctl()
> callback that was abused for getting device addresses and is now
> only used in the ieee802154 subsystem, which still uses the same trick.
> The include/uapi/linux/if_ltalk.h header might still be required
> for building userspace programs, but I made sure that debian code
> search and the netatalk upstream have no references it it, so it
> should be fine to remove.

Looks like it depends on the ipddp driver removal.
Could you repost once that one is merged (~tomorrow)?
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