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On Wed, Oct 11, 2023 at 01:57:58AM +0000, Joey Jiao (QUIC) wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> > How is ignoring an error ensuring ordering?
> The change is just to disable the schedule_work.

That's different and can be made clearer. Try:


> > Why are you making this only now be called with this new kconfig option?
> This sequence loading is especially helpful for syzkaller coverage decoding.
> When kaslr is disabled, address inside core kernel is fixed, so syzkaller can 
> always get right function/line number from addr2line.
> But module address keeps change across rebooting, in first booting, it might 
> be loaded at X1, and at X2 after reboot, and at X3 after another reboot.
> In this way, syzkaller just can't decode correctly for module address. And 
> syzkaller currently uses PC and branch info for coverage guided things.
> There was a discussion previously here 
> for 
> modprobe.

You are missing my point, you are disabling in effect a piece of code
where it was not before.


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