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Andrii Nakryiko <andrii.nakry...@gmail.com> wrote:

> > Correct. My Ack is based on the current way things are done upstream.
> > It was just that linux-rt showed the issue, where the code was not as
> > robust as it should have been. To me this was a correctness issue, not
> > an issue that had to do with how things are done in linux-rt.  
> I think we should at least add some BUILD_BUG_ON() that validates
> offsets in syscall_tp_t matches the ones in syscall_trace_enter and
> syscall_trace_exit, to fail more loudly if there is any mismatch in
> the future. WDYT?

If you want to, feel free to send a patch.

> >
> > As for the changes in linux-rt, they are not upstream yet. I'll have my
> > comments on that code when that happens.  
> Ah, ok, cool. I'd appreciate you cc'ing b...@vger.kernel.org in that
> discussion, thank you!

If I remember ;-)

-- Steve

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