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> Subject: Re: hv_netvsc: WARNING in softirq.c
> 2013/2/28 Haiyang Zhang <haiya...@microsoft.com>:
> > We will look into this. And further info around the time will also be
> helpful.
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> > Thanks,
> > - Haiyang
> The only thing the admin sys could think about is a rsync process
> between the windows host and ANOTHER linux guest that ends at 22h30
> more or less.
> (the other linux guest is a debian 6, without any HV driver)

I have found a simple way to reproduce this kind of warning:
1) reboot the VM (because this warning can be displayed only once.)
2) login to the host and open the VM [Settings]
3) Temporarily change the Network adapter's option [Virtual Switch] to "Not 
4) run dmesg, you should see the warning.

The reason for the warning is -- netif_tx_disable() is called when the NIC
is disconnected. And it's called within irq context. netif_tx_disable()
calls local_bh_enable() which displays warning if in irq.

The fix is to remove the unnecessary netif_tx_disable() in the 
I attached a patch. Would you like to test it on your side as well?

- Haiyang

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