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> Subject: Re: [PATCH net-next] hyperv: Move state setting for link query
> On 03/04/2014 07:54 AM, Haiyang Zhang wrote:
> > It moves the state setting for query into rndis_filter_receive_response().
> > All callbacks including query-complete and status-callback are
> > synchronized by channel->inbound_lock. This prevents pentential race
> between them.
> This still looks racy to me. The problem is workqueue is not synchronized with
> those here.
> Consider the following case in netvsc_link_change():
>     if (rdev->link_state) {
>     ... receive interrupt ...
>     rndis_filter_receice_response() which changes rdev->link_state
>     ...
>         netif_carrier_off()
>     }
> And also it need to schedule a work otherwise the link status is out of sync.

The rndis_filter_query_device_link_status() makes the query and wait for the
complete message, including set state, before returning.

The rndis_filter_query_device_link_status() is called from 
which is called from either netvsc_change_mtu() or netvsc_probe().

The change_mtu() and netvsc_link_change() are synchronized by rtnl_lock().
In netvsc_probe(), the status query & complete happens before 
register_netdev(), and
the netvsc_linkstatus_callback() schedules the work only after netdevice is 
So, there are no race in either case.

The carrier_on/off work will be scheduled when netvsc_open() is called. Then,
the status will be updated based on the latest link_state.

- Haiyang

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